In Masheches Berachos daf 61b, the gemara mentions various body parts and their respective functions. It seems that the gemara is referring to human body parts, based off the gemaras premise (on daf 61a) that the two kidneys provide good and evil advice, respectively.

Within the list, the gemara mentions the kurkavon (the 3rd stomach of birds that grinds food). Why does the gemara mention an animal organ when the gemara implies that it's only talking about human beings?

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    Because the heilige kurkivan....
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    Mar 5, 2020 at 2:22

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There is a mistake in rashi as this sefer says. from sefer devash by shabsi ben dov ber halprin enter image description here

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    As with your other answers, please cite the source where you got it from.
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  • Upvoted ,tx,just to note he says maybe it's a mistake .
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  • Ok you win. This again is the correct answer. The simplest is usually the best. I only quoted the other one to prove it is a good question since others also ask it even though they dont know the answer. which was taken from Ovos R Noson.
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