I am an Italian Noahide

In several articles and studies I have read that the Rabbinic Judaism (Yahadut Rabanit) would have its roots in the Pharisaic tradition.

However, here is what I read on a site by an Israeli Orthodox Jew (link - in Italian ):

"The Pharisees were only a political party, the worst, however described in the Talmud as the most obnoxious and the most hypocrite.

Rabbinic Judaism undoubtedly derives from the Sages, certainly not from the Pharisees. In the Talmud they are always called "Chachamim" = wise men and also soferim"

What are actually the positions taken on the subject by the Jewish tradition?

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  • Could you please link the site? – Harel13 Feb 23 at 10:07
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    @Harel13 consulenzaebraica.forumfree.it/?t=71877025&st=15 It is in Italian – Amos74 Feb 23 at 10:11
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    if you open up Rashi on the gemara that discusses the mishna (Sotah 20a), he reads פרושין as pirushin, meaning, according to the gemara, that it refers to one who hits himself against a wall to show that he is humble and modest (and nothing to do with the Pharisees as a group). – Harel13 Feb 23 at 10:40
  • It is unclear whether or not Josephus was a Pharisee. At best (or worst, depending how you look at it), he was a Pharisee who decided to join the rebels. Most of the Pharisees, the rabbis, didn't fight. – Harel13 Feb 23 at 12:04
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