What are the Halachic ramifications of wearing a Western Wall red string (which people consider clothing) which has candies tied to it (like a candy-bracelet) on Shabbos outside an Eruv? Is it considered clothing if the wearer enjoys both the candies on it and the string itself, and would anyways wear it even without the candies?

Would one be allowed to chew the candies while outside an Eruv?

Is licking food outside an Eruv any different?

Would Mares Ayin forbid this act, because others won't know that this is a dual-purpose bracelet, or could that be avoided with a specially-made red candy bracelet?

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    I’m not at all certain it is permitted to wear the red string in the first place without an eruv. – LN6595 Feb 20 at 18:20
  • But isn't jewelry permitted without an Eruv? Doesn't it become part of the person? – Moshe Feb 20 at 18:40
  • Regarding red strings: judaism.stackexchange.com/q/17432 – Fred Feb 20 at 19:18
  • Aside from any Avodah Zara, is there a prohibition of Hotza'a? – Moshe Feb 20 at 19:26
  • @Moish Jewelry isn’t necessarily permitted. It’s a complex topic. Only some items qualify as jewelry, and perhaps it is only permitted for women. Sounds like a good (separate) question to ask. – LN6595 Feb 20 at 19:44

You ask several questions, I offer partial answer.

First, consult your rabbi, I just offer discussion here.

That being said, assuming that the red string is OK to carry and it's a jewelry ("accessory"), question is, are the candies are part of the jewelry - meaning is it "cool" to hang around with candies on your wrist, or is it just a way to carry them? if so,

שו"ע או"ח שא ס י"א

דבר העשוי לתכשיט ולהשתמש בו כגון מפתחות נאות של כסף כמין תכשיט אסור שהרואה אומר שלצורך תשמיש מוציא ויש מתירים אם הוא של כסף:...[הגה]ואם המפתח של נחושת וברזל אפילו מחובר וקבוע בחגורה אסור ... ויש שכתבו שנוהגין בזה להתיר ...

S"A O"H 310:11

An object that is dual use, jewelry and other use, like silver keys decorated like a jewel, are forbidden to take out on Shabbat, that the observer says that they are for usage [and not jewelry], and other opinion says it may be taken out on Shabbat...[Ram"a] and if the key is copper or iron...even if attached to the belt taking out is forbidden, and other opinion says it's allowed.

We see that, for some reason, dual purpose jewelry is easier to allow from dual purpose clothing, why a key is more OK as a jewel , but less as a buckle? looking cafully at the Mishna brura might give an answer:

משנה ברורה סי' שא ס"ק מ"א

היינו אפילו אם כונתו עתה לתלות על צוארו לתכשיט ולנוי :

Mishna Brura 301:41

[A silver key that is worn on a necklace ] even if he meant to put it on his neck as a jewelry for beauty...

So, the silver key is meant to be worn as a jewel, and not as a key at all - it's not really dual use, but the copper key is really a dual use, therefore harder to allow.

Still, for the opinion that allow copper key, it might be OK, as long as the candies really serve also as part of the bracelet.

משנה ברורה סי' שא ס"ק מ"ה

ודוקא כשהוא מחובר וקבוע בראש החגור ועשוי כעין זענקעל לחגור בו דאז אמרינן כיון שהחגורה מדובק בברזל של המפתח והם כחתיכה אחת אע"פ שהברזל עשוי ג"כ כעין מפתח לנעול בו בטל המפתח לגבי החגורה אבל כשקובע ומחברו באמצע חגורה אסור דאין המפתח בטל לגבי האזור דאין שייך להאזור כלל וע"כ אותן האנשים שמורין לעצמן היתר לשאת בשבת מחמת שתלוי המפתח בברזל הקבוע בחגורה וכ"ש במה דתלוי רק בקשר של קיימא הוא טעות

Mishna Brura 301:45

[A key that is attached to a belt can be carried on Shabbat] only when it attached at the end of the belt and is made like a buckle, to buckle the belt, then we say that since the belt is attached to the key, the key becomes part of the belt but if the key is attached at the middle of the belt, it is not part of the belt, so people who think that it's allowed to carry it like this on Shabbat since it's attached firmly to the belt, and moreover if the key is only attached with a strong knot, are wrong.

If the candies are meant for looks only, and the wearer will not eat them, maybe it's easier to allow, since it's like a silver key

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  • I once saw someone wearing a key necklace on Shabbos in a place with an eruv. I said to her "you don't use the eruv??" (not that that's an unheard of chumra, but I was surprised that this person followed it). She said "no I do, this key doesn't even open anything, it's just a necklace". It made me happy that people actually wear those kinds of necklaces. – Heshy Feb 24 at 13:16
  • @Heshy Maybe someday you will find someone that use his house key as a buckle... – Alaychem Remember Monica Feb 24 at 14:02

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