Which is correct? Mesirut nefesh or mesirat nefesh? I have always used mesirut, but see mesirat also.

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    Mesiras Nefesh :P While I'm sort of joking a little, I am trying to bring out the idea that there probably isn't a single correct pronunciation, as there are probably dozens of different Mesorahs on pronunciation (and they can all be 'correct'). And as an aside, this is probably also off-topic due to being about the Hebrew language, not Judaism. – Salmononius2 Feb 17 at 16:08

Mesirut in Hebrew means "devotion", while mesirat is the gerund of the verb limsor, which means "to deliver".

Source: Limsor

העביר לידי אדם אחר; נתן (to hand over)


נאמנות ומחויבות לדבר מה

Neemanut means devotion in Hebrew.

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    Thanks. No one, or almost no one, here knows you personally to take your word for it, so can you edit in some support for your claims? – msh210 Feb 17 at 17:45

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