My question is, Hashem ontologically speaking, His Being, is a singular, yichud in all respects.

So does this conception stop at Ein Sof, or even before Ein Sof? And once the ohr proceeds forth from the Ein Sof down through the remaining sefirot, it is no longer considered Hashem's ontological Being, which is restricted to that which comes before Ein Sof?

My thinking is that since the Sefirot was created, it is not ontologically the same as Hashem.

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    G-d's oneness doesn't change or stop ever. But to give you a context, ask yourself if G-d"s oneness is changed by His names? Everyone recognizes and accepts that G-d has names like are found in the Torah of Moshe. The answer by all traditional Jewish teaching is that G-d transcends names, and even letters altogether. Names, letters, Sefirot, etc. are only for His creations. – Yaacov Deane Feb 13 '20 at 22:06
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