What is the basic one line summary of each book in the Tanach? It would be very convenient. Thanks for your effort!

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[Gen] The world comes to be.
[Exo] A nation goes free,
[Lev] and learns about service divine.
[Num] They wander and gripe.
[Deu] For Canaan they're ripe;
[Jos] they conquer it and land assign.
[Jug] They sin and repent,
[Sam] a king they are sent,
[Kng] and others follow in his wake.
[Jer] They hear they'll be gone,
[Ezk] but will come back anon,
[Isa] for God will not e'er them forsake.
[12P] Twelve seers have their views.
[Rut] King Dave's of the Jews,
[Psa] and writes songs that praise and revere.
[Job] Job suffers in pain;
[Pro] the proverbs pertain
[Ecc] as do thoughts of why we are here.
[Son] A love poem for you;
[Lam] some elegies, too.
[Dan] A man works for Babylon's king.
[Est] An Agagite planned.
[Ezr] Go back to our land.
[Chr] A summary of everything!


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