There are a number of questions on Mi Yodeya dealing with the halachos (laws) of walking in front of a Jew who is praying, for instance When you're trapped by someone Davening behind you

There is also a question dealing with walking in front of someone who is saying Kaddish. Walking in front of someone saying kaddish

Is there any notion of not walking in front of a Moslem who is praying? (An acquaintance made this claim but I have never heard of any source for anything like this.)

  • Are you asking about Muslims specifically or about any non-Jew who is praying? – Daniel Jan 28 at 22:28
  • I was asking specifically about Muslims. (As far as I am aware, the Muslim concept of Hashem is identical to, or extremely close to, the Jewish concept of Hashem). Certainly if the answer to my question is "Yes" then a question about non-Jews would be a follow-up question! – gordon613 Jan 29 at 6:04
  • I dont believe our def of אחד is identical to them,see the Rambams def – sam Jan 29 at 16:39
  • To VTCers: This question does not require knowledge of Islam to answer this question and therefore does not fall under the comparative religion rubric. – DonielF Jan 31 at 4:34

I think it can be important for Muslims that people do not wall in front of them while they pray, for their own religious reasons. See for example https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sutrah

Maybe the notion you are hearing of comes from respecting this.

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