Shulchan Aruch emphasizes the importance of davening the Amidah with the rest of the tzibbur.

If one is in shul and there are 8 or 9 people, should everyone wait before starting Amidah to see if others may soon come in to form a minyan? How long are they required to wait? Do they need to wait at all, assuming that they will not pass a z'man like last time for Mincha.

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    If one is obligated to travel 18-24 minutes to pray with a quorum (see Pri Chodosh, Orach Chayim 163:28 and Biur Halachah ad locum s.v. berichuk; however, cf. Pischei Teshuvah, Yoreh Deah 112:6, quoting Shu”t Beis Yaakov #35, who rules more leniently.), one could infer at least as much of a requirement when the entire quorum depends on the waiting (without the added effort of walking. Of course this would assume one is counting as well the amount of time/effort already spent by the most effortful of the present congregants, as well as the certainty that someone will show up in that timeframe – Loewian Jan 16 at 17:32
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    And of course one should never risk missing the zman tefilah even if one knew someone was coming. – Loewian Jan 16 at 17:33

after seeing your question I decided to research that question. It doesnt seem so clear to me and it seems to be a bit of a machlokes. "Rama 53:3 writes that a congregation which doesn't have a minyan at yishtabach should wait until they get a minyan. See both Magen Avraham 53:4 and Mishna Brurah 53:9 who mention waiting a half hour. Igrot Moshe OC 3:4 says that a congregation at the end of pesukei dzimrah should wait a little bit for a minyan but should not to wait a long time for a minyan since it causes people to talk and be mevatel torah." Halachipida This is what halachipedia wrote.

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