Are there any halachic sources describing a case of someone who laid tefilin before before plag and daven Mincha with, does he have to remove them after plag (when it is still day time) before starting Maariv? or can he keep wearing them during Maariv?


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This responsum from the Rabbis of Eretz Hemdah permit an individual who was already wearing tefillin to keep them on while praying arvit while it is still daytime.

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    An additional consideration: If the rest of the shul is not wearing t'fillin during ma'ariv, there may be reason for an individual to comport with this behavior since wearing t'fillin might be perplexing and confusing to other congregants ("דבר תמוה", see Igros Moshe OC V 38:6, T'fillas David §13, and Bach OC 293 s.v. "וכתב הרי"צ גיאת" based on Hagahos Maharshal on the Tur for other examples of this principle). If the individual had not yet worn t'fillin that day, he should perhaps do so off to the side or in private.
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