I'm looking for a good daf shiur in far rockaway / 5T say anywhere around from 6:30 to 8 AM.

What I want in a Shiur is a clear and concise maagid, FYI.

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I highly reccomend Rav Aryeh Lebowitzs ,he is very clear and concise ,you can sample his shiurim online .

enter image description here

  • Since the asker sought classes in the Five Towns or Far Rockaway, perhaps you can include also where (and when) these are? – msh210 Jan 3 '20 at 4:33

One of the local Jewish papers, I think it's Five Towns Jewish Times, but it might be the Home, has a shaded box on one of its pages listing places and times of DY shiurm in Five Towns and Far Rockaway. The list is thorough, but, I don't doubt that there are others not listed.

If you commute to Manhattan, one of the trains has a shiur in the last car.

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