It's common practice to chant certain passages of Megillat Esther with a different trope. For example, 8:6 is read to the trope of Eichah, as are several other passages; in addition, certain passages are read to the High Holiday nusach. Is there a complete list somewhere of which passages are read with which variant melodies?


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From Rabbi BenYamin Hamburger

בפסוקים הבאים קוראים בניגון איכה:
'וכלים מכלים שונים'
'אשר הגלה מירושלים עם הגולה אשר הגלתה עם יכניה מלך יהודה, אשר הגלה נבוכדנצר מלך בבל'
'והמלך והמן' עד 'ומרה' | 'אבל גדול' עד 'לרבים' | 'וכאשר אבדתי אבדתי'
'כי איככה אוכל וראיתי ברעה אשר ימצא את עמי ואיככה אוכל וראיתי באבדן מולדתי'
כפי שהובא בספר נוהג כצאן יוסף (תל אביב תשכ"ט, עמ' ר-רא): "שמעתי מר' יודא חזן ב'פנחס שול' שהיה קורא בקול רם 'המלך' שבפסוק זה בנגון שמנגנים בר"ה וי"כ [=בראש השנה ויום כיפור] המלך שבנשמת [=בפיוט 'נשמת כל חי' בתפילת שחרית]... אולי קיבל כן מרבותיו".

(Ashkenazzi custom)

"Those verses are read at the melody of Eicha:

"beakers of varied design" 1:7

"had been exiled from Jerusalem in the group that was carried into exile along with King Jeconiah of Judah, which had been driven into exile by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon" 2:6

"The king and Haman sat down to feast, but the city of Shushan was dumfounded.-- When Mordecai learned all that had happened, Mordecai tore his clothes and put on sackcloth and ashes. He went through the city, crying out loudly and bitterly," 3:15-4:1

"there was great mourning among the Jews, with fasting, weeping, and wailing, and everybody lay in sackcloth and ashes" 4:3

"and if I am to perish, I shall perish" 4:16

"For how can I bear to see the disaster which will befall my people! And how can I bear to see the destruction of my kindred!” 8:6


As brought at book Noheg Ctzon Yossef, "I've heard from R' Yuda Hazan son of Pinchas Sho'[Shalom?] that he would read the word "King" at this verse with the Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashana melody of the word "King" A Nishmat Prayer...Maybe he heard from his Rabbies to do so"

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