I'm an Italian noahide.

I read what Rambam says in Avodat Kochavim 3: 10-11 about the making of images by a Jew.

I also read the following words in a Jewish forum:

“The Torah says, "Don't make a carved statue or the image of anything in the heaven above or the earth below..." This verse prohibits making a three-dimensional image. The Code of Jewish Law codifies this prohibition, and adds that even owning an idol is forbidden. One may neither own, use, nor derive any benefit from an idol whatsoever. One is not even allowed to throw it in the garbage; Rather, one must "throw it into the Dead Sea" or otherwise destroy it. However, most people follow the ruling of the Chochmat Adam. He says that nowadays, it is permitted to own images - even an image of a human being. He explains as follows: The whole reason it was forbidden to own an image was so that nobody would suspect the owner of being a "closet" idol worshipper. But since people generally do not worship idols today, there is no longer any cause for suspicion.”

If I understand correctly, here the Chochmat Adam speaks in terms of the lawfulness of just owning three-dimensional human images. Is it correct or does Rabbi Danzig extend his reasoning also to the lawfulness concerning realization of three-dimensional human images?

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