I read in an EJ article by Israel Ta-Shma on Maharshal: "Luria wrote a commentary to the Grace after Meals (Venice, 1603; Jerusalem, 1982)." So I understand that Maharshal wrote a commentary on birkat hamazon, and it's been published, but under what title or with what other work, I've not found. Does anyone know if/where I can find it published?


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It seems that this commentary might not exist at all, and might be a mis-cataloguing that propogated to encyclopedia articles. In particular:

  • There's a Vienna 1603 printing of a commentary on birkat hamazon by R. Natan Shapira, and at the back is a commentary on zemirot by Maharshal. See here.
  • There's a Jerusalem 1982 print of Maharshal's zemirot commentary. See here.

It seems likely that the Vienna 1603 print was misattributed to Maharshal in its entirety (he is the more famous of the two), and then somehow the mistaken metadata propogated to the 1982 edition. I corresponded with someone who worked on a research project on R. Natan Shapira, and he recalled that indeed "this attribution is a bit of a cataloging error". My further searching in the NLI database turned up no other hits, and so I present this as the currently most likely explanation.


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