In the Korban Tamid (Bamidbar 28:1-8), it states,

"The one lamb shalt thou offer in the morning, and the other lamb shalt thou offer at dusk; and the tenth part of an ephah of fine flour for a meal-offering, mingled with the fourth part of a hin of beaten oil. It is a continual burnt-offering, which was offered in Mount Sinai... And the drink-offering thereof shall be the fourth part of a hin for the one lamb; in the holy place shalt thou pour out a drink-offering of strong drink..."

What reason is there for the lamb/meal offering being described as at Sinai, but the wine offering is mentioned afterwards?

Every day we read this, but I'm perplexed... this will drive me to drink.

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    A word of advice- though these pesukim are read as part of Shacharit, save the drinking until after Maariv ;) Nov 18, 2019 at 5:52
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    Thanks, it won't be too great a sacrifice to wait. Nov 18, 2019 at 21:24
  • If you're really yayin' to have some a glass of red at lunch is OK as far as the Rambam is concerned, @DrMoishe Nov 18, 2019 at 22:57

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Drink away! See the Malbim (ibid) who points to various locations in the Talmud that discuss this same issue.

Some Tanaim learn from your question - why Har Sinai is mentioned before wine libations - that the wine libations were not offered in the desert, others learn that they were already offered wine libations in the desert and they didn't wait until they entered the land of Israel to start wine libations.

עלת תמיד העשויה בהר סיני ת"ק הוא ר"ע (כמ"ש בספרי זוטא) לשטתו שס"ל בקדושין (דף לז) שקרבו נסכים במדבר וע"כ ס"ל שעולת הר סיני [שהיתה ג"כ עולת תמיד לדידיה כמ"ש. בחגיגה דף ו'] טעונה נסכים, וריה"ג סובר כר' ישמעאל שלא קרבו נסכים במדבר לכן ס"ל שעולת הר סיני [אע"ג שגם לדידיה היתה עולת תמיד כמ"ש בחגיגה שם] א"צ נסכים שעדיין לא היה במת צבור עד שנעשה המשכן ועמ"ש בפי' הספרי שלח (סי' א'):‏

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