Assuming there is a Hell equivalent of shame and Heaven of good works is there a reason not to make it into either, but instead a third condition (such as, say, if you aren't good enough for Heaven but also not bad enough for Hell)?

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    @msh210 Not sure why this is closed. Explicit Talmud in Chagiga 15b that Acher (Elisha ben Avuya) was neither sent to hell nor admitted to heaven. sefaria.org.il/Chagigah.15b.3?lang=bi&with=all&lang2=he (כי נח נפשיה דאחר אמרי לא מידן לידייניה ולא לעלמא דאתי ליתי לא מידן לידייניה משום דעסק באורייתא ולא לעלמא דאתי ליתי משום דחטא) – Danny Schoemann Nov 17 at 9:37
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    @DannySchoemann, this question is explicitly founded on the existence of "a Hell equivalent of shame" and "Heaven of good works" without explaining what those might be. Maybe it's just me, but I really don't know what those phrases mean. (The first sounds like embarrassment so bad it's a Hell equivalent, which I suspect doesn't exist, and the other sounds like a heaven where people go and do good deeds, which I also suspect doesn't exist. If either or both of those things don't exist, the question falls apart.) (Until the edit there were more problems, and I don't whether OP agrees with it.) – msh210 Nov 17 at 11:52

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