I have an Aruch HaShulchan He'Atid, as well as a normal Aruch HaShulchan, and I'm looking up something about Sotah for a Chaburah. Does anyone know where I can find Hilchot Sotah in the Aruch HaShulchan?


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Hilchot Sotah is in the regular Aruch Hashulchan. It is one siman long and it is the very last siman in the Even Ha'ezer section (# 178). The siman is titled:

דיני סוטה בזמן הבית ובזמן הזה ובו פ"ז סעיפים

The laws of Sotah in the times of the temple and nowadays, and it contains 87 paragraphs.

Here is the first page.

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    Thanks. It's a good thing you Mi Yodeya Chevrah are so on top of your game, because I need it for tomorrow. Commented Nov 11, 2019 at 3:00

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