The Torah says the Earth was filled with Hamas before the flood and [because that was equaled to Gezel] what caused G-d to get angry and wipe the humanity out. In our Halachah (B"K 62), Hamas is defined as "taking someone's property forcefully while paying the full price of an object", unlike Gezel that is not paid:

מה בין גזלן לחמסן גזלן לא יהיב דמי חמסן יהיב דמי

Rav Adda, son of Rav Avya, said to Rav Ashi: Concerning two terms used to describe those who take another’s property against his will, a gazlan and a ḥamsan, what is the difference between them? Rav Ashi said to him: A ḥamsan gives money for the article that he takes from its owner, albeit against the owner’s will, whereas a gazlan does not give money.

Because there's no monetary lack, the actual transgression is only "coveting" (לא תחמוד) the object, because one can equally damage it and pay the price.

While Goyim are commanded on Gezel (Rambam Melachim) I don't see how Hamas is relevant to them as they are not commanded on coveting.

However Rashi translates Hamas as Gezel.

So, Halachicly speaking, is Hamas equaled to Gezel for Goyim?

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