On Bereishis 5:32, Rashi brings an explanation that Noach had children when he was 500

so that Japheth, his eldest son, should not be liable for punishment before the Flood, as it is written (Isa. 65:20):“For the youth who is one hundred years old shall die.”

But what about all the other people under 100 at the time the Flood came? Why did they die, if they were under the age of culpability?

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    A very keen observation! – Al Berko Oct 27 at 18:12
  • Why is this different than why the animals died? (I know that’s been asked here before but I can’t find it atm.) – DonielF Oct 27 at 18:20
  • Related: judaism.stackexchange.com/a/89723/1739. See my citation from Rav Dovid Kronglass. Although it doesn't seem to fit with Rashi's comment that you bring – robev Oct 27 at 18:42
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    Maybe there were none? – msh210 Oct 27 at 19:20
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    I recall an answer I heard - but I can't source it, so I"ll leave it as a comment - that the decree was on the entire world, animals and all people, even children. Noach's own children were the exception and saved only in his merit. If they were wicked and deserved to die - because they were over 100 - his merit would not have been enough to save them. – פרי זהב Oct 28 at 2:59

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