You remove your tallit while services are ongoing (say, to go to the bathroom). When you put it back on, do you have to say the blessing on the tallit again?


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This is a dispute recorded in Shulchan Aruch O.C. 8:14:

אם פשט טליתו אפילו היה דעתו לחזור ולהתעטף בו מיד צריך לברך כשיחזור ויתעטף בו הגה וי"א שאין מברכין אם יהיה דעתו לחזור ולהתעטף בו וי"א דוקא כשנשאר עליו טלית קטן והכי נוהגין

[R. Joseph Karo:] If he removed his tallit – even if his intent was to immediately put it back on – he needs to make a blessing when he puts it back on.

[R. Moses Isserles:] And some say that he doesn't make a blessing if his intent was to put it back on. And some say [that this is] only when a tallit katan remains on him.


If one removes the tallit or tzitzit (for instance, if one needs to use the restroom during prayers), with the intention of donning the same tallit or tzitzit afterwards, then it is not necessary to recite the blessing again when putting it back on. https://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/530194/jewish/Do-I-Make-a-Second-Blessing-if-I-Took-Off-My-Tallit.htm


No. The mitzvah of wearing a tallit gadol is only once a day, so if we take it off with the intention to put it back on soon, we do not make a new bracha when doing so. Halachipedia cites sources arguing this is time based (within half an hour), while other sources suggest it is intention based (regardless of how long you are taking it off for, if your intention is to put it back on, you do not make the bracha again).

Please note that this reasoning does NOT apply to tefillin.

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