In his supercommentary to Rashi Genesis 7:2, R. Yissechar Ber Eilenberg cites the following from his teacher R. Mordecha Yaffe:

וטעם שאסור ללמוד תורה לגוי הוא מפני הערלה שבו ויש בו סוד שלא להכניס הטומאה בהיכל הקדש

And the reason it is forbidden to teach Torah to a non-Jew is that he has a foreskin. And there is a secret [mystical idea?] so as not to allow impurity into the holy sanctuary.

  • Have any poskim applied this in practice to justify teaching Torah to non-Jews if they are circumcised?

  • If yes to the above, given that many non-Jews nowadays are circumcised, can you teach Torah to any non-Jew (if you don't know that they are not circumcised)?

  • Nedarim 3:11 [15 ch]
    – Heshy
    Oct 18, 2019 at 10:14


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