There were three Sanhedrins on the Temple Mt: - The Great: 71 members and 3 lines of 23 students for filling in or replacing the judges (see Sanhedrin 37a) and - Two Lesser: 23 members each, with lines of interns.

There were (theoretically) also 12 Lesser Sanhedrins of the tribes, scattered in Eretz Israel.

The Misha (ibid) states: "כל אחד ואחד מכיר את מקומו" - "each one is aware of his rank". So seemingly, there was a clear way of promotion for the judges.

What was the order of promotion of a Chacham from the lowest to the highest Sanhedrin? And specifically:

  • How do the Lesser Sanhedrins (tribal and on the Temple Mt.) compare? As both are appointed by the Great Sanhedrin.

  • Who scores better - a judge on a Lesser Sanhedrin or the 69 interns in the Great Sanhedrin?

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