Is one permitted to use baby powder-or talcum powder, Gold Bond, etc- on Yom Kippur? (either for themselves or for a child)


Would it be forbidden since it could be akin to "annointing oneself" (SA, Orach Chaim 614:1) or perhaps "washing for pleasure" (SA, Orach Chaim 613:1)?

  • There may be other problems that may be related to some type of melacha akin to a Shabbat prohibition. I can't think of it, offhand, and you don't seem to be concerned about that in this Q. As for "anointing", first of all, I think this refers to beautification and cosmetics, mainly, as far as I know. I think powder to soothe a rash or prevent sweat, etc. is not "anointing". Second, the baby, who is not yet obligated in inuy (affliction), I believe, would be exempt from such concerns, assuming there are any.
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  • Can whomever VTC because of "psak" explain how you see this, here?
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Rav Moshe Feinstien Zt'l opinion is quoted in רשומי אהרן ח"ב או"ח סי' תרי"ד אות א that it is permitted in a case of need as baby powder is not considered anointing.

As usual consult a Rabbi for a final Halachic ruling.


I can't find any proper sources, but I found a number of online rulings that it's permitted:


It’s forbidden to use deodorants on Yom Kippur, but is permitted before Yom Kippur. (Talcum Powder is ok)


using baby powder to remove a bad odor is permitted


פיזור טלק אינו להנאה אלא למניעת/הרגעת גרוי ולכן הוא מותר


האם מותר לפזר אבקת טלק באיזור המפשעה ביום כיפור כדי למנוע גירודים ושפשפות? ... מותר

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