Suppose someone is wearing Chassidic Levush (non-Chabad) in a litvish shul, is this transgressing “Lo Titgodedu”?

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    Most shuls don't have a "dress code". So, I think this would be based on the rules and minhag of the shul. It sounds no worse than those wearing jeans and a T-shirt on Shabbat. I'm not suggesting that it's respectful, but I don't think it violates this mitzvah. – DanF Sep 26 at 14:22
  • Isn't lo sisgodidu by batei dinin? – sam Sep 26 at 15:05
  • @sam not sure if clothing customs are included – Fei23 Sep 26 at 15:06
  • IIRC, anything backed by a community (and its Beis Din) is not considered Lo Titgodedu. So, for example, in Jerusalem, everyone represents a community, including those who represent the community of those who are not represented by any other community. Therefore everyone is allowed to follow his own traditions. – Al Berko Sep 26 at 18:40

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