(related: "Leaving Sefarim Open and forgetfulness")

The Be'er Hetev in Yoreh Deah 277 quotes the Bach who states:

וכתב הב''ח מכאן יש ללמוד שלא ילך אדם חוץ ויניח הספר פתוח [...] מי שמניח ספר פתוח ויוצא שמשכח תלמודו

From here we learn that a person gets up/ excuses himself from what he's learning, he shouldn't leave his sefer open [...] if a person does do this [ie leave his sefer open] he will forget his learning

What about a person who's learning Torah on their computer: would this same principle be applied?
(ie and a person should switch tabs or minimize their window if they have to step away for a moment)

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