From what I've seen, many Masechtot in Shas seem to conclude with an aggadata portion that can be found towards the end of that particular Masechta.

Is there a documented or stated reason as to why this is?

  • Have you checked to see if this is a pattern at the end of a perek or even of a discussion of a mishna? The conversation strays, having dealt with the original topic, until a new mishna (perek) refocuses it. The end of the masechta just has no refocus point. – rosends Sep 9 '19 at 10:44
  • Probably to recite Kaddish on Aggada – Double AA Sep 9 '19 at 11:35
  • 4
    This would be stronger if you could document examples of this phenomenon (ideally sufficiently many examples to suggest it's more common than statistics would expect on average) – Double AA Sep 9 '19 at 11:36
  • 2
    The last tosfos in Kesubos (112b) may be relevant here - he says that the gemara likes to end with a davar tov. I think in some places, potentially the end of nazir might follow similar reasoning – Moshe Steinberg Sep 10 '19 at 12:56

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