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In the standard scheme of the Temple and the Great Sanhedrin, taking the fact that they sat in an arc, what direction did they face - South (Altar), East (Ezrat Nashim), West(K"K) or North (wall)?

I've found this drawing of the Temple of the Institute of the Temple (מכון המקדש), seemingly depicting the Sanhedrin facing west (K"K):

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Does anybody know the source of this detail? It also puts the Sanhedrin into the Azara, which is impossible as they are not Kohanim - could it be a mistake?

  • Weren't they sitting outside the Azara (obviously, since only kings can) but the witnesses were in the Azara? That would mean they faced west. – Double AA Sep 8 '19 at 0:46
  • Non kohanim can be in the azara. That's how they brought Korbanot – Double AA Sep 8 '19 at 11:21
  • I believe it is a mistake, as I explained in this answer. – Mordechai Jan 27 at 23:14

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