I remember seeing in a Shu"t that one is allowed to tie a double knot of something that will be going into the garbage since one doesn't care about it. Has anyone seen this opinion anywhere. I do know most hold it is problematic based off Rashis opinion that it will stay tied for more than a week,but looking for the idea mentioned above.

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    According to standard halacha, staying tied for the extended time means one cannot even make a bow on top of the knot. I'm sure you know that, but I'm just pointing it out to whoever might read something else into your question. – user6591 Sep 4 at 17:12

R. Yitzchak Abadi (Ohr Yitzchak 1:175) rules it is permitted to make a knot on a garbage bag that is going to be thrown out since it cannot be called a kesher shel kayama.

  • Nice! Now it makes sense – sam Sep 4 at 22:39

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