I live in Manchester, UK, which is known for our rainy weather, and Sukkot often requires a lot of covering and uncovering the Sukkah with a waterproof cover. I have been wondering whether it is possible to find a plant with leaves that could be overlapped on a sloping frame in a similar layout to roof tiles so that the water would run off the lower end of the frame (possibly even into a gutter). Clearly there are a number of practical problems, including finding a suitable plant, finding a halachically acceptable way to retain the structure without it blowing apart and possibly finding a way to stop it drying out too fast (especially with heating being needed), but are there any halachic reasons why this wouldn't be allowed if the practicalities could be overcome?

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  • @IsaacMoses, how would you understand R' Dr. Zivotofsky's conlusion/how do you think he concludes ? I interpreted him to say that lechatchilah, one should not do so, however the sukkah is still kosher if he doesn't do so and uses impermeable materials – Noach MiFrankfurt Sep 3 at 20:20
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    @NoachMiFrankfurt I think R' Dr. Zivotofsky presents relevant authoritative opinions and doesn't attempt to draw a practical conclusion. – Isaac Moses Sep 3 at 20:24
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    FWIW, according to Tosfos' opinion (Sukkah 2a), discussed further here, one is not able to make schach in such a way as to make his Sukkah waterproof. I don't see this opinion brought in Shulchan Aruch, so I'm not posting this as an answer. – DonielF Sep 3 at 22:48

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