Suppose one invites a guest over to stay by them for Shabbos or a few days.
Without chatting with the host, the guest doesn't "take the hint" and decides to stay.

The guest seemingly has no other options/ nowhere else to go- besides personal guilt, are there any halachik issues with asking the guest to leave?
(the length of the visit could be making the host uncomfortable, or create shalom bayis issues)

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    Maybe learning torah with the guest will help...like pesachim 49 tjpnews.com/rules-for-entertaining-guests – rosends Aug 21 at 12:41
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    Is כל מה שיאמר לך בעל הבית עשה חוץ מצא (Pesachim 86b) the kind of answer you're looking for? (Apparently it seems more related to the guests' behavior than to what the host is allowed to do) – b a Aug 21 at 12:43
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    Will the guest's life be in danger if he is (respectfully) evicted? Would funding his relocation exceed the homeowner's personal charity obligations (e.g. maaser kesafim)? – Loewian Aug 21 at 13:23
  • Somewhat similar: judaism.stackexchange.com/q/77940/170 – msh210 Aug 21 at 20:25

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