If I buy a pot/pan with intention to only use it a few times and then discard it (away on vacation and no intention of bringing it home) does it need to be toveled?

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    Is it a regular pan that could be used many times (but you're not going to), or something meant for only a few uses like a foil pan? Commented Aug 11, 2019 at 3:06
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Yes it does. I have also asked this question over the years, presumably in similar circumstances. Someone goes in vacation, buys pots and pans for the duration of the vacation then wants to leave them behind. Here are the answers I received from two rabbanim.

If you are buying regular pots and pans, manufactured by non-Jews, they need tevila. If regular tevila in a mikve is not possible or convenient, two options are

  1. to immerse them in a body of water kosher for that use - the sea, rivers and lakes in some cases - ask for details if you need (or you can start with this MY question)
  2. to sell them to a non-Jew and borrow them back. Easiest is to give them some money (a few dollars), ask them to buy the pots/pans from you for that money then have them lend the pots/pans back to you

What you cannot do is declare the pots/pans ownerless (hefker) and use them anyway.


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