If I can recall it would be found in Kedushin (besides others)

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סנהדרין פב א

קריינא דאיגרתא איהו ליהוי פרוונקא

The reader of the letter (that contains the orders), let him be the one to carry it out.

The context there is Pinchas telling Moshe, didn't you taught us that if one is having intercourse with Aramine women, is to be killed by zealots? and that's Moshe answer to him.

  • @Dr.Shmuel yeah my question was focused more on the phrase than the source it is cited, I used Kiddushin because I think that’s where I learned but I don’t necessarily need the source there Commented Aug 7, 2019 at 15:57

Bava Metzia 83b, Sanhedrin 82a, and Sanhedrin 96a.


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