There is a phrase said just prior to the Shacharit Amidah that says:

תהילות לאל עליון ברוך הוא ומבורך

What is the difference in meaning between ברוך and ומבורך. Don't both mean "blessed"?

I realize that there is similar language in ברכו. However, I understand that phrasing better as there, ברכו is a verb and b/c the word is המבורך with a definite article in front, it appears to turn that into a noun which means "the one that is (should be?) blessed.

The phrase that I cited doesn't seem to have quite the same meaning as ברכו from what I can tell.

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Rabinu Bachya in Kad HaKemach Here writes that ברוך means the source of blessings, מקור הברכה - all blessing come from him.

While מבורך means he is blessed by all, מבורך בפי כל - all his creations recognize that blessing is received through him.

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