Is ethical (white hat) hacking a Halakhikly permissible profession? What are the halachot which apply to hacking and in particular ethical hacking? What stance would Jewish ethics take on ethical hacking?

For example may one appear as an intruder in order to test a system or make things appear one way when really they are another in order to correct vulnerabilities?

How does Marit Aayn come into play?

Does the Halacha change if the work is not merely commercial but for a national interest or during a war? Like so: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuPZUUED5uk

What about in cases of self-defense? Can one hack to defend oneself?

Can a jew be an ethical hacker?

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    "ethical hacker" has many meninges. hired penetration tester for a company is not like a guy that destroy "black hat" hackers computers. Can you be specific? – Alaychem Jul 24 at 7:50
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    Mar'is Ayn is when someone appears as if transgressing Mitzvos, hackers are [not to be] never seen (presumably). Why do you think there's a problem of M"A? – Al Berko Jul 24 at 8:51
  • Most ethical hacking is for security reasons or for software testing. On a small scale, a company, is allowed to test the vulnerability of their product to protect their users. customers and employees from economic, data (which relates to economics) or physical harm (e.g. protecting identity theft.) – DanF Jul 24 at 14:40
  • From a legal perspective I can’t see why it’d be prohibited since white-hat hackers are charged by the “victim” in the latter’s interest, so they are not transgressing anything (e.g. If I say to you “Try to pickpocket me; I want to test my vulnerability” and you successfully pickpocket me but return what you’ve stolen and demonstrate how you did it, no stealing was done).... cont. – Oliver Jul 24 at 17:40
  • continuation.... The only tentative ethical issue that comes to mind now is if such hacking (pickpocketing) falls under the [debated] issue of “stealing in order to aggravate/repay” (BM 61b) or perhaps more akin to what Iyov/Job did in order to benefit orphans and widows (BB 16b). – Oliver Jul 24 at 17:44

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