In many Torah stories, women are pictured as righteous and thoughtful, either not sinning (Meraglim) or even preventing their husbands (Korach).

In my previous question "visualizing-the-story-of-bnot-moav" I speculated that the men who sinned and were killed were all married. So their wives would surely notice the fact that tens of thousands of men are having affairs. However, I didn't see the Torah mentioning those women protesting or somehow rebuking their husbands.

Why did women go all silent in this Parasha?

  • How would they notice? The men didn't bring the Moabite women home. Does every woman nowadays notice if her husband has an affair while away on a business trip? – Meir Jul 21 at 19:16
  • @Meir So you're saying the guys leave home for Beis Midrash (or Moses) go out of the camp for hours, worship idols, have sex with Shiktzes, spend hours to get back home and all this passes unnoticed? Are they all stupid or what? Can't they just see their husbands wandering in the open space of the desert? – Al Berko Jul 21 at 21:29
  • What "wandering in the open space of the desert"? They're pasturing their animals, or going to trade with the nearby nations (especially since, as LN6595 pointed out in his answer to your other question, the Moabites set up marketplaces for this purpose), or rebuilding the cities in the conquered lands of Sichon and Og, etc. – Meir Jul 21 at 21:49
  • THis is illogical that half of Shimon tribe went all pasturing their animals or trading? And they all fell for this stunt, 100%? what about the other tribes? It appears that you find it difficult to consider all the facts simultaneously. – Al Berko Jul 21 at 22:44
  • I don't know what's illogical about it, any more than that it's illogical that most men nowadays go to work (or kollel, or whatever); they don't just sit around the house. As for "they all fell for this stunt" - obviously not all; again as pointed out on your other question, only around 4% of the people in general succumbed, and even in Shimon, there were obviously 22,220 who didn't! – Meir Jul 22 at 1:45

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