Although there are sources (Be'er Heitev OC 224:8) which discuss placing stones on a grave, that seems to be more of an honor for the deceased. Apparently Rebbi Akiva Eiger asked his family to stone his grave as an atonement - where do we find such a concept? (And is his will available to view?)


Eduyot 5:6:

שֶׁכָּל הַמִּתְנַדֶּה וּמֵת בְּנִדּוּיוֹ סוֹקְלִין אֶת אֲרוֹנוֹ

Anyone who dies in a state of excommunication, we stone his coffin

  • Perfect, thank you! Would you happen to know where Rebbi Akiva Eiger uses this concept?
    – NJM
    Jul 14 '19 at 19:54
  • Sorry. Haven’t come across this story about R Akiva Eger before
    – Joel K
    Jul 15 '19 at 9:10

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