THis answer presents the view that the firstborns will replace the Cohanim at the Temple service sometime in the future.

While flipping through the Mishnayot (mainly Kodashim) I didn't see mentioning the practical Halochos for the time of that change.

I'm a true newbie in this subject, but I see a certain contradiction - the current Mishnayos target for the Third Temple (I presume, there's no need to learn Halochos that will not ever return), but they deal with Cohanim, not firstborns. Why?

Are there Halachic sources for the differences of the service of the firstborns לע"ל vs Cohanim?

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    "I presume, there's no need to learn obsolete Halochos" - on the contrary there are mishnayot that are clearly about the second Temple only, so no the mishnayot are not targeting third Temple specifically. – Jay Jun 16 at 14:23
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    Possible duplicate of Will firstborn sons or Kohanim serve in the Third Temple? – DonielF Jun 16 at 15:00
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    @DonielF Not really a dupe - he's assuming firstborn take over and asking new question(s) based off that – Jay Jun 16 at 15:32
  • @DonielF I clarified, that the question is not about the fact, but the lack of Halochos. – Al Berko Jun 16 at 15:35

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