This is a completely innocent question trying to figure the objective Chabad reach-out position for Gentiles:

  1. [Some] members of the Chabad movement are involved in reaching out to Gentiles and teaching them the 7 Noachide Mitzvos.

  2. From "non-jewish-altars", Gentile altars and sacrifices for G-d are allowed at this time (thanks JoelK)

  3. Rambam wrote that a Gentile that does Mitzvos receives a reward.

Is Gentile sacrifices in this time a part of Chabad reach-out agenda, and if not, what are the considerations - why not endorse them to sacrifice to one G-d?

I would love to hear the original sources of Chabad, not what others think about them, please.

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    -1. I'm guessing the list of non-required acts of worship that Chabad doesn't encourage gentiles to do is very long indeed. – msh210 Jun 16 at 14:31
  • Two comments about this subject: 1) I have never seen, learned or heard anything from the Rebbe about this subject. So if you’re asking about what “Chabad’s objective” is in outreach to teach the 7 commandments of the Noahides to gentiles, it’s to fulfill that mitzvah. 2) Rambam saying it is permissible for gentiles to make a fire offering to G-d on a personal alter wherever they choose (meaning outside of the Temple in Jerusalem) doesn’t mean it’s the best choice necessarily. – Yaacov Deane Jun 16 at 14:58
  • @msh210 what does -1 mean - isn't it a good question to ask? It seems reasonable for me that whoever teaches Goyim the 7NM will also at least address the question of sacrifices. The fact that there are other actions does not invalidate this issue. – Al Berko Jun 16 at 15:37
  • @YaacovDeane Do you mean that the Rabbe, while stressing the general importance for reaching out, never mentioned/was asked this question? Or maybe the original initiative of some Chabnikes didn't come from the Rebbe at all. I heard of many meetings in Israel that Chabadnikes reached agreements with Druses for example about keeping the 7 Mitzvos. – Al Berko Jun 16 at 15:39
  • @AlBerko The Rebbe clearly discusses the subject of teaching the 7 mitzvot of the descendants of Noah to gentiles, if and where it was appropriate. It’s not something done by force. To my knowledge, the Rebbe did not broach the subject of gentiles making fire sacrifices on personal altars outside of the Temple for example in another country. My instinct suggests that the Rebbe would advocate them bringing their offerings to the Temple like is mentioned explicitly in Tanach in connection with the final redemption. – Yaacov Deane Jun 16 at 16:19

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