Are there any sources that state for a fact that one should one learn one mesechta before another? Or that perhaps one mesechta is more praiseworthy to learn then the other?

  • ואמר רבי ישמעאל: הרוצה שיחכים - יעסוק בדיני ממונות, שאין לך מקצוע בתורה יותר מהן, והן כמעיין הנובע". (בבא בתרא קעה ע"ב – Asher Jun 14 at 21:19
  • If there's a natural order of the Masechtos, why would you assume, in the first place, that they should not be learned in that order? THis is the order of Daf-a-Day and all Rabbis learn it in that order - so why not? – Al Berko Jun 15 at 17:50

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