During my Yom Tov Torah reading, I noticed that two Sifrei Torah had seams that seemed (OK, a bit of a pun intended, here ;-) a bit loose. So, I have a few questions regarding some of the requirements regarding fixing the two sheets:

  • Is there a minimal amount of margin space needed at the seam? Can two sheets overlap when stitching, and if so, is there a maximum or minimum amount?

  • Can the corner of a sheet be cut completely (in its margin, of course) if it is frayed or if it makes restitching easier?

  • If a strip of parchment is cut, does it have any kedushah or can it be discarded?

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Partial answer regarding the margins, from here:

There should be two-inch margins between consecutive columns (in addition to space for stitching the sheets together and rolling the first and last sheets on sticks; see Yoreh De'ah 278:2)

This implies that the sheets may "excessively" overlap each other as long as the margin width is maintained.


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