Quick background (link):

In 1907–1909, Shlomo Yehuda Algazi-Friedländer, a mysterious man from the town of Szatmár in Transylvania, published what he claimed to be the long-lost tractates of Seder Kodashim of the Jerusalem Talmud. Though initially welcomed in rabbinic circles, the work was soon revealed to be a forgery composed by Friedländer based on his talmudic learning.

I've heard (EDIT: attributed to the Rogachover Gaon) said that one way it was found to be a fake was that every Masechta contains the name of at least one Amora who doesn't appear in any other Masechta-- for Yerushalmi Kodshim this wasn't the case.

Are there any teshuvos/ responsa from that time period (early 1900's) that discuss, dissect, analyze, etc how the Yerushalmi Kodshim was proven to be a fake?


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