A Jew must not walk around with his head non-covered (Shu"A Orach Chayim 2,6 " ולא ילך ארבע אמות בגילוי הראש מפני כבוד השכינה).

Is a gentile required to cover his head while studying Torah? If a gentile studies Torah without his head covered, is he violating a rabbinical commandment?

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    Goyim don’t have to follow any mitzvos except for b’nei Noach. I assume wearing a kippah while learning is included in this rule. – Lo ani May 31 at 9:58
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    First off, being that presumably most follow the Taz in respect why we wear a kippa "v'lo s'laychu" (don't go after the goyim..etc) and therefore one would cover his head. A Goy, does not by any means fall into this category. – Moshe Jun 2 at 2:54
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    First off you have to understand what's the din of wearing a kippah. Rabbinical, Biblical, minhag, shtus, kabbalistic... then know the sugya if you "have" to wear a Kippah while learning. Then, if a goy can even learn Torah. Then, if he will get an aveira if a goy doesn't wear the Kippah, or is it a mitzvah for the goy to wear the Kippah? Yada yada yada.... @DanWeisberg – Moshe Jun 2 at 20:22
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    Kippah is a very "fun" sugya :) – Moshe Jun 2 at 20:56
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    That's what awesome jews do. They help each other @DanWeisberg :) – Moshe Jun 2 at 21:01

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