I was told that if one does not replace the sefer one is using in the Beis Hamedrash, one can transgress several (5?) mitzvos from the Torah.

I can see that one would transgress “love your neighbour as yourself” - what are the others?

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    If someone else is looking for that sefer then you are wasting his time (causing him bitul Torah). A case could be made for gneivas da'as I guess. Then the person doesn't learn so you have placed a michshol. theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/…
    – rosends
    May 17 '19 at 10:59
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    לא תרדה\תעבוד בו בפרך - causing another Jew to work needlessly.
    – Al Berko
    May 17 '19 at 11:38
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    If they insist how is it not retroactively theft of their property?
    – Double AA
    May 17 '19 at 11:40
  • I think a siddur and a book is different Your title says siddur but the question about a book. Siddurim are plenty, and there's no need to search for one, but if one volume of Schottenstein is missing exactly what you're looking for, it's really bad
    – Al Berko
    May 17 '19 at 11:43
  • @AlBerko I dunno what your shul is like, but in mine, we have one or two shelves of several types of Siddurim each, rather than twenty of the same type. Very often enough people forget the same type of Siddur that if someone’s looking for that particular edition there won’t be any.
    – DonielF
    May 17 '19 at 12:10

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