Outside of Shema and the Amidah, can someone explain the chronology of what sections of the Siddur service as we currently have them were added? E.g. was Psukei Dezimra added first? Blessings before / after Shema? Which ones?

Also, which tefillah was developed first - weekday Shacharit, mincha, etc.?

As a "bonus" to your answer, I'd greatly appreciate if you can find an online or book source that lists the "chronology" of the prayers that were added to the Siddur.

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    For sections which predate the Talmud it's quite difficult to imagine someone providing a chronology – Double AA May 14 at 16:52
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    The blessings before and after the Shema are mentioned in the Mishnah for sure, just as the 18 blessings. – Kazi bácsi May 14 at 18:10

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