In the Masoretic text of Tehillim 107 there are 7 pesukim which contain an inverted letter nun (similar to those in Sefer Bamidbar). In my standard edition Mikraot Gedolot none of the commentaries explain this. A Google search yielded only this podcast (which I have not been able to listen to yet). Therefore I would like to know what the purpose of these letters are.

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    I'd really like to see an answer that covers both these ones and ויהי בנסע הארון in a consistent way. – Heshy May 5 at 13:06

A nun-hafucha (inverted nun) were used by the masoretes as simaniyot (markers). For example, for one of verses, namely Psalms 107:17, Rashi (s.v. "אוילים מדרך פשעם") explains as follows:

There are markers in this chapter ... and they come to be expounded upon instead of “buts” and “onlys” to limit [the power of the verse] meaning that if they [the prisoners] cry out before the verdict has been promulgated, they are answered; after the verdict has been promulgated, they are not answered.

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