1. Zohar (with and w/o the Tikunei Zohar)

  2. Tikkunei Zohar

Also is there a site/place that lists or otherwise aids in wordcounts for different Jewish books /Seforim ?


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    It is not different for me. I don't understand how this helps!
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    I believe the answer is 2 - "the Zohar" Commented Apr 28, 2019 at 12:05
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    @JoshuaPearl Well aren't you sehr klug ;)
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I discuss word counts for different classical Jewish works here: Words of Wisdom: Word Counts of Classical Jewish Works (requires registration).

Based on Bar-Ilan Responsa Project CD, the word count of the main body of Zohar is 691,909. Including all the traditionally included works ('Zoharic literature' - such as Midrash HaNane'elam, Ra'aya Mahemna, etc. ) : 1,239,420

For a more detailed breakdown, see the screenshot of Bar-Ilan Responsa Project CD that I cite in my blog here.

(Unfortunately the screenshot that I was sent was cut off, so I can't answer what the word count of Tikunei Zohar is.)

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