In the hagadah, did the rabbanim who stayed up all night get the miztva of afikoman?

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Why would you think they did not eat the Afikoman? There is a mitzvah to continue the discussion after Nirtzah if you can. They did so and went on the whole night!


I don't know where I learned this, but I learned that the "seder" in Bnei Barak was not on Passover, nor was it a seder - They were plotting the overthrow the Romans (they were discussing "yetziat Mitzrayim" wink, wink). The morning shema bit was simply a way for the student to say, "Rabbotai, it's morning - you might be seen! Hide!"

Of course, this couldn't be written in the Talmud, which was written during Roman times, so it is written in metaphorical language.


The Sfas Emes says it was not for sure on Pesach Night. Hence there was not for sure a need for Afikomon on that night.

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    Isn't the point of bringing this story to explain the statement in Avadim Hayinu, that "even if we were all wise etc."?
    – Yahu
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  • I might have thought the story could have happened as early as Rosh Chodesh...
    – Double AA
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