Why is the "שהחיינו" blessing abbreviated "ז" in Bavli P'sachim 103 but "ח" in Bavli M'gila 21? I'd expect some consistency. And it's not like "ז" makes more sense, or "ח" less sense, in P'sachim than in M'gila.[1]

[1] In P'sachim, it's part of the initialisms "יקזנה" and "יקנהז", which as far as I can tell aren't words, whereas "יקחנה" is one. In M'gila, it's part of the initialism "מנח", which, yes, is a word, but if that's sufficient reason to pick "ח", then "ח" should be used in P'sachim too.

  • It's called ”Zman” on Shabbat 23:1 which seems to agree with your reference in Pesachim – Double AA Apr 17 at 1:13
  • You give the greater part of the answer. In Pesachim too, the initial order isn't yaknahaz and there the Saying is a part of significant word – kouty Apr 17 at 3:11
  • How else would we have pictures of hare hunting in the haggada? – user6591 Apr 17 at 11:48

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