Chazal tell us that the four cups of wine correspond to the four expressions of redemption (Shemos Rabbah 6:4, Rashi to Pesachim 99b DH Arba Kosos, etc.).

Is there any specific correlation between these? That is to say, והוצאתי is the first expression of redemption; is there any correspondence between that and Kiddush, the mitzvah which we perform with the first cup? Likewise for והצלתי and telling over the story of Yetzi'as Mitzraim, וגאלתי and bentching, and ולקחתי and Hallel.

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    I've heard והבאתי corresponds to the kos shel eliyahu. Also Rav Asher Weiss assumed the four expressions correspond to the four cups in the same order they appear, like you said. – robev Apr 12 at 22:07

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