Can those who do not rely on heter mechira (selling) for real chametz keep Cointreau over Passover? What is the origin of the alcohol in Cointreau? Does Cointreau contain grain alcohol from, e.g., wheat or barley?

This website seems to imply that Cointreau is even kosher for Passover, but I have been unable to find any corroborating source for this assertion from a certifying authority or from the Cointreau website.


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Cointreau is French so let's ask the French .... the Consistoire (France's central Jewish authority)'s website says the regular Cointreau is Kosher and it has been on the kosher product list for a long time.

I consulted different sites (e.g., here and here) who all mention the alcohol in Cointreau is from sugar beets.

Regarding your specific question R Avraham Taieb writes (on Torah-box, a key French-speaking Jewish site) Cointreau is not hametz gamur even if some hametz components might be added to it. It should therefore be sold for Pesach and can be sold by someone who doesn't sell real hametz.

PS. be careful not to confuse regular Cointreau with Cointreau Noir which is a mix with Cognac, same for Grand Marnier which also tastes of orange but is cognac-based. Both are not kosher.

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