I have read in a few hagadot, and I think in the OU Pesach guide that the salt water to be used for the seder must be prepared before Shabbat begins. That implied that there is some prohibition for doing this during Shabbat.

What melacha is being performed? Is there a prohibition of dissolving salt in water on Shabbat? Is there some other prohibition that we are concerned with?


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Shabbat 108 forbids making a large amount of salt water on shabbat.

Rashi ad loc. explains that the prohibition is because it looks like one is going to be tanning hides, one of the avot melachot. This explanation is echoed by Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 321:2.

Rambam Hilchot Shabbat 22:10 gives a different reason, namely that it gives the appearance of cooking.

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